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The hardest lesson of the leader is to realize that they no longer do the work. A true leader creates the environment and a set of circumstances that enlivens the power inside others.

Like a great conductor, a powerful leader believes in their people's abilities to bring to life the music that is in them. The music of the leader is conversation; the ability of the leader to authentically communicate the desired outcomes and engage the hearts and minds into a compelling reason for aligned action. Tired leaders run the risk of focusing too intently on results and not embracing the work they need to do to get everyone to the next level. Too frequently they follow the Rule of Insanity; doing the same things and expecting different results.

Training an coaching with intervisoIn essence, they need to work backwards from the desired results in order to stimulate the behaviors that determine actions which are needed to drive those desired results. Leadership is really the ability to get out of "do-thinking" and into "mindset-creating", and then fostering that mindset in others. Leadership comes down to who they are in the moment, and the skill with which they apply their personal strengths in a given situation.

We are here to help and show how to make this happen for the leader and their organization.

Achievable and continued success involves two components:

Training, to spread out the “Build to Last” concepts and create the fundamental for change;
Coaching, to facilitate the change and ensure consistent excellent Results;

Together we partner and move towards the desired outcomes.

Coaching with Interviso