Training curiculla

As a support for those who want to plan development for their employees, we provide a training curricula, structured in 3 levels:

Managing self – for individual contributor level
Managing others – for team leaders, supervisors or first time managers
Managing managers - for Directors or department mgr who leads several teams.

So, we arrange the courses upon the knowledge and skills requirement at each level.
Moreover, we split the course needed for one level in 2 categories:
- Build solid ground – for those who have 1, 2 years in a position and
- Stretch Performance – for those with more than 2 years in the same position and need another sets of skills.

So, we cover whole areas of management levels and work seniority, ex:

Managing self - Effective communication
Managing others - Advanced communication skills
Managing managers - Public speaking

Managing Self Managing Others Managing Managers


Knowing self/Knowing others
Conflict management
Train the Trainers
Team Leadership
Dealing with Difficult People
Manager as a Coach
Effective meetings
Stress Management
Finance for Non-Finance*
Promoting Successful Change
Managing Complex Budgets*
Manager as a Team Coach

Build solid ground

Personal Development
Effective Communication
Basic Presentation Skills
Personal Organization

Successful Manager
Advanced Communication
Powerful Presentation Skills
Problem Solving
Motivation & Recognizing
Project Management
Public Speaking
Boundary Management

Coaching with Interviso