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About us

About us

Our vision is to set the standard of excellence in our work.
For this we follow to a strict code of ethics and professionalism.
We passionately believe that knowledge and skills empower people and businesses to grow, develop and achieve.

Our values are:

QUALITY – We have a proven ability to deliver results and to solve our clients' problems. Our reputation rests in the high quality of our work, the speed of our response, and in our strict control of costs.
We need rigor and meticulousness in business dealings, with a customer-oriented perspective.

EXPERTISE - All the people who work for INTERVISO have a first-class educational and career background. They have been accredited by international training/coaching organizations and Romanian Ministry of Labor and Education.
We continuously up-date our training programs in order to integrate the latest business practice and the newest theoretical findings with large applicability in organizational practices.
Before engaging our services, clients are invited to meet and approve all team members who will be involved in any project.

INTEGRITY – We will be honest and ethical in what we do, and act in the best interests of all involved partners.

FUN – We believe in a creative and collegial working environment which fosters innovation and learning. We operate in a collaborative manner, which is both effective and fun.

PARTNERSHIP – Working together to deliver the best outcome for our customers, respecting the capabilities of everyone around us.
We like to have long-term partnership with our clients and we propose them special facilities.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSBILITY – We recognize that our business activities have an impact on the environment therefore we are taking steps to be environmentally responsible.

We want to break down barriers to learning and personal development in order to help individuals and companies grow and realize their potential.

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