Successful Manager

This programme is designed for persons having at least one year leadership experience and it offers an accelerated management skills development.
The programme lasts 9 months during which all participants will have an individual development plan.

It is an UNIQUE programme in Romania because:
  • it measures the participant’s management skills progress by evaluating them before the beginning of the programme and at the end of the training
  • it facilitates the learning process by using personalized training techniques and and individual coaching session
  • it allows to all participants to study and to practice simultaneously giving them the opportunity to  apply and test  immediately all what they have learned in each module

The participant’s benefits are the following:
COMPETENCE – improving management skills
SELF CONFIDENCE – stress management, improving the business relationships with others by discovering the trainees personal style, their strong points and their improving needs
SUCCESS – increasing the speed of results delivery by a better understanding of the internal and external business environment
EFFICIENCY – improving  the personal efficiency by enhancing the decision making capability and also the planning based on a realistic business prioritization
DELEGATION – own team development using delegation, accountability and people motivation
ORGANIZATION – action plans development and learning to choose the shortest way for achieving all objectives
ADAPTABILITY – improving the flexibility, the capability to accept and to initiate change

Main subjects:
  • Personal development
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership and change management
  • Planning, organization and decision making
  • Conflict management and dealing with difficult persons
  • Task and performance management, Objective setting
  • Team development, teamwork, motivation, coaching

Working methodology:
  • the management skills evaluation, both before the beginning of the programme and after the end of the training
  • individual coaching sessions:
    • one session before each module for identifying the specific needs
    • one session after each module designed to set up of the final action plan after attending the training
  • experiential training
  • creativity and improvisation techniques
  • presenting all information in visual, auditory and kinesthetic way (using all reception channels)
  • small projects based on the subjects developed during the training sessions and applied in the managerial activity by each of the trainees
  • interactivity - using the exchange of experience and opinion with the top managers invited and with all the other colleagues, building of a learning group

Course schedule:
The programme will last 9 months
The programme will start with an individual evaluation session using either client’s evaluation tools or „Profiles International” Company tools.
We will deliver 7 training sessions – 2 days each module: totally 14 training days
Before a training session, each participant will benefit of a coaching session designed to identify her/his specific development needs related to the module’s subject. After each training session there will be another individual coaching session and the trainee will define the action plan following the training. This way, each participant will benefit of 15 individual coaching sessions.

One month after the programme, each participant will have a management skills evaluation using the same tool from the beginning.

The facilitators are:
  • experienced in management within multinational companies
  • experienced in developing management skills training (over 1000 teaching hours)
  • ICF accredited coaches

Participants group:  12 persons

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