Integrated training system

Integrated Training System (ITS) has tree stages:

Pre Training-  We offer our support in training needs analysis
-  Distribute pre-work materials or studies to be fulfilled or read
-  Some programs which involve a great number of employees will benefit of internal marketing, like: program’s presentation held by our trainers or local HR and articles in company’s newsletter
-  In order to have a clear measurement of each student’s progress  an evaluation is necessary.

Training-  The course itself
-  Coaching session with students will check their willingness to apply the knowledge received during the training and empowers them to use every opportunities in their work in order to obtain better results
-  Each training course will be evaluated by students and their feed-back incorporated in the next course.

Post Training-  Coaching sessions  about the possible barriers to success and ways to overcome them, will support the participant in changing behaviors
-  Newsletters with training relative materials
-  Final evaluation will prove the progress made by each individual and shows the management commitment for best practice and productive behaviors
Coaching with Interviso